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Switzerland takes step toward more secure air cargo


The electronic consignment security declaration (e-CSD) will be adopted in Switzerland, paving the way for the more secure transport of air cargo.

For the last two years, the International Air Transport Association has been working with carriers, regulators, freight forwarders, ground handling agents and other parties worldwide to develop standards and processes for e-CSD data capture.

IG Cargo is an organization that promotes Swiss airfreight.

The adoption of the new e-CSD facility in Switzerland follows the recent approval of the corresponding e-CSD standards by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Switzerland’s aviation authority. IATA and its partners have proven to FOCA that there are no obstacles to the electronic transmission of highly sensitive data.

The e-CSD approach is making the transport of air cargo more efficient and secure by providing the security status of a shipment in electronic format. The new electronic declaration highlights who has secured each consignment as well as how and when it was secured.

With its standardization of both the process and the documentation of such evidence, e-CSD will replace redundant security declarations in various formats, and will simplify validity checks to ease the operational work.

Swiss WorldCargo and IG Air Cargo will now present the benefits of the new e-CSD standards to the main airfreight stakeholders in Switzerland. This will be done in January through three separate introduction sessions in Zurich, Basel and Geneva.

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