Moving to the UAE | move to Dubai
Moving Dubai | move to the UAE

Moving Dubai | move to the UAE

What to take with you when moving to Dubai (to the UAE)?

When planning a move to Dubai (to the UAE), one of the most important decisions will be what exactly to take with you. You will need to consider the shipping costs per weight and whether it will be more economically viable to purchase an item once you arrive in the UAE. Fortunately, the UAE allows the duty-free import of items that have been owned for longer than six months. However, you should bear in mind that there is a 5% tax on the value of more recently purchased items.

Cargocare Global AG will utilise our many years of experience to offer advice and to help you decide what to take with you when moving to the UAE.

Moving company or forwarding company for moving to Dubai (to the UAE)

Once you have decided to move to Dubai (to the UAE) you will have the option of relocating with a moving company or a freight forwarding company. But what are the differences between the two and which is more suitable for your specific move?

That’s where the big advantage of Cargocare Global AG comes in as we specialise in both removals and pure freight/ forwarding. This affords you the chance to tailor-make your move to suit your specific needs.

Forwarding company for moving to Dubai (to the UAE)

The option we recommend the most is our pure forwarding service to ship your freight to the UAE.

This involves us shipping your belongings from Switzerland to the UAE as follows:

  • We collect and package your goods.
  • Your goods will be sent to the UAE by sea freight or air freight to your desired address.
  • We will assist in the completion of the necessary paperwork and your shipment will go through import clearance. However, you will need to be physically present when your container arrives in the UAE as every container will be inspected.

Book Cargocare Global AG as a moving company

We are very proud of our «full service» for your move to the UAE which involves us managing the entirety of the move.

Our «full service» allows you to sit back and watch us deal with all the physical and administrative aspects of the move. There’s the organisation, packing, shipping, and transport of your goods, as well as the paperwork and customs formalities to deal with whilst in the UAE. So why not let us oversee all of this while you can concentrate on the more personal aspects of the move.

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Stress-free Moves to the UAE

Moving to another country, let alone another continent can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for many. But when moving with Cargocare Global AG we have the skills and experience to ensure the move is implemented without all the worries and stresses of the move. You can decide how much of the move you would like to be involved in or you can permit us to do all the work for you, such as:

Advice on moving goods; what makes sense, what doesn’t:

Dismantling your furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

Professional packaging of your goods

Collection in Switzerland

Export documents

Shipping to Dubai (to the UAE)

Import clearance in Dubai (in the UAE)

Delivery to the destination in Dubai (in the UAE)

Unpack the goods

Assembly of furniture, installation of electronic devices, etc.

Relocation Service in the UAE

We offer additional services within the UAE, such as:

  • Help with visa issues
  • Help with finding somewhere to live
  • Help with finding a suitable school for your children
  • Uvm

If you have any questions or would like discuss any matters relating to your move to the UAE, do not hesitate in contacting us anytime.

Your contacts for your move from and to Dubai (to the UAE)

Michael Maeder

Head of Sea Freight & Land Transport

Valentin Pascanu

Head of Air Freight

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