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Airfreight Capacity at Competitive Rates – Eight Freight Forwarders Formed the Cargo Pool Of Switzerland


The Cargo Pool of Switzerland was established in 2002 as a response of small and medium sized freight forwarders to the multinationals.
The key aspect to CPS is its neutrality. Each member has his own airwaybill stock. The shipper and consignee deal directly with Cargocare.
The ability to negotiate with airlines from a strong position in terms of volumes has paid off for all CPS members. CPS negotiates the rates and achieves far better deals than would be possible for us as individual companies.
Forwarders with strength in different markets help the group ‘ride on each others backs’. For instance one forwarder may be strong in exports to Latin America one to Africa and one to North America. So when CPS comes to negotiate rates we are strong across the globe and we can benefit from much lower rates to any market.
The key is trust! Companies have to create a system that is independent and change their mind-sets from suspicion and caution to cooperation and common goals.
Cargocare as a enthustiatic member of different networks can see forwarders already working together in many ways to increase their competitiveness.

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